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These two young beauties are the Texas Twins. They were born to a good wholesome Christian family just outside of Austin, Texas. Like most kids born to restrictive, backward thinking parents they rebelled. In a big way!

The Texas Twins parents probably had no idea their daughters were havingsexual thoughts at such a young age. These two twins turned their sleep overs into lesbian orgies straight out of a porno. Their bathing activities including masturbating right infront of each other. Sometimes even showing each other their favorite methods!

Once they were old enough to appear barely legal on the internet they got their money together and started with hopes of making it big. Well, they made it big alright. Their hometown wants absolutely nothing to do with them!

Now it is up to us to help them out. The Texas Twins have dreams of going to college and becoming self supported. As hot as these twins are I am sure they will have no problem at all making their dreams come true.

Every week members are treated to new videos and photos of the Texas Twins exploits. These two are completely uninhibited and don’t mind gratifying themselves infront of each other. It doesn’t get any more uninhibited than that!

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