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Rather than watch hardcore smut that depicts women as nothing more than objects for men’s sexual satisfaction, you can take advantage of this up to 75% off Femjoy discount and take your time admiring the female form. This site launched in 2004 and has exceeded viewer expectations in every possible way ever since.

Members will find more than 550+ films as well as 550,000+ photos in this collection. Updates are added every single day, so you won’t have to wait for something new and exciting. The lovely ladies you’ll find on this roster are hand-selected for their sex appeal and allure. Their natural beauty is stunning and sure to leave you with your jaw on the floor. This erotic photography never makes you feel dirty or guilty. The shoots take place in all manner of surroundings, so you’ll get to enjoy beautiful beaches, wide-open fields of grass, breathtaking clifftops, in the woods, and all around the house. You’ll even find some risque lesbian shoots sprinkled in the mix to spice things up. 


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When I was younger, I watched raunchy hardcore porn that was in your face and cast women in a very demeaning light. As I matured, I realized it’s more fun to let your imagination take part in the fun and it’s never a good look to disrespect women. When I found out I could get up to 80% off discount to Metart, I signed up right away. This is a site that you can feel good about watching. They only cast the hottest ladies and the quality is high.

Beauty, community, and talent are the pillars of this site. Only the most talented people are employed by them whether it’s in front of the camera or behind it. They treat the gorgeous girls with the utmost respect and compensate them fairly. They also give back to the community by making charitable donations and support multiple women’s groups. This roster is out of this world with 2,500+ of the most stunning women in the world. You’ll get to watch as they pose in ways that will have your imagination racing with the things you’d like to do to them.


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It helps when a porn site really understands what erotica and beauty actually mean. It’s not all about nice tits and ass. Obviously those things don’t hurt, but a lot more goes into a jerk-worthy camera shot. Errotica Archives is one of the good ones. They can do some straight-up magic in their studio. Want to see for yourself? Click here to save up to 73% with a discount to Errotica Archives.

Hardcore porn has its place, but softcore can perform spells unlike anything else. If you’re a fan of Met Art then just know these are the same geniuses behind this site as well. Quality is always their top priority. Come see what happens when you take over 500 of the hottest models, over 4,300 galleries, and more than 600 videos, and throw in one of the biggest discounts ever. I’ll let you in on a secret. You’re going to empty your balls harder than you ever thought possible.

This might literally be the best porn I’ve seen all year. Highly recommended. 10 out of 10!

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Casting porn is still one of my favourites. It’s kinda like my first love of porn, she’ll always be close to my heart 😛

Seriously though, back when I was a teenager and discovered internet porn – you, it’s a long time ago – I was absolutely convinced that casting porn was the real deal and it blew my mind. Yeah it blew other things as well of a course and often at that but I’m trying not to make corny puns so often.

This site’s a little different from the typical casting porn sites that I’ve grown accustomed to where you really just need to see a pic and you know what it’s about. You know, the girl sitting on the couch with some random guy behind a desk with a camera rolling.

Not that this isn’t casting but it just has a little bit of a different vibe and it’s quite welcomes ince the traditional method has been done to the bone.

Here’s a 50% off discount to Net Video Girls link which makes it so cheap that it’s well worth checking out what I mean.

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I may have been sceptical if you told me these two girls are twins even though I have seen twins with my own eyes that don’t look at all alike. I actually wonder if there are more twins that are deemed identical than not.

Anyways, had you told me they were sisters I would not even have flinched, they could easily pass as that. Really hot sisters that is that like doing things together, like fucking.

That lace stocking tattoo on the one girl (forgive me I have no idea what their names are) is also driving me wild and clearly they don’t mind much who they fuck as long as they get fucked.

Just look at these middle-aged losers getting lucky. Yes, I’m jealous 😀

I’m actually quite a fan of the site, have been since the first time I ever discovered it and now we can get a 26% off discount to Woodman Casting X here.

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this to grab myself a cheap membership to the best casting porn site in the business.

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I just love this scene and especially this pic. Only in porn can you have acting or completely nonsensical scripts like this and get away with it completely because nobody cares. We’re all here for the fucking not for the narrative. It’s still worth mentioning because it is so amusing, at least to me.

Just look at the expression on that guy’s face. he could not be any more impressed with himself for getting his dick up his step sister’s twat without her noticing. Like a girl won’t notice a guy sticking his cock up her and then she’s all “hey!?” acting like she never noticed and that she’s in complete disbelief that he had done something like that while she’s lying on the bed with no pants on.

It’s that “What?” look of his though takes the cake for me. 😀

It doesn’t stay funny for long though because the scene is pretty damn hot, just like all of the vids at this site. Step sibling porn is at an all time high in popularity and you can get a 77% off discount to Step Siblings Caught here.


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Click our link to get 35% off with this ATK Petites discount.

You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you I hooked up with my daughter’s best friend at her 18th birthday party, but I totally did. She had only been legal for a few hours! Yeah, it would have been scandalous if we got caught, but it was worth the risk. Her friend’s pussy was the wettest, tightest snatch I’ve ever been inside.

You can understand why I’m such a fan of ATK Petites. I basically have an addiction to those young bodies and I need a porn site that understands my unique sexual needs. ATK Petites has standards in place to make sure only the right girls get in front of their cameras. That’s right, these girls have to be 110 pounds or less, shorter than 5’4″, and between the ages of 18 and 23. Sounds like a winning formula to me!

They give me daily updates, over 1,500 models, 7,000 videos, and over 2 million photos. I can’t think of a reason not to sign up for this amazing site.

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I was checking out the Texas Twins when I noticed Madison Hart, the blonde beauty in picture getting plowed and loving it. She’s a real cutie and it looks like she’s grown up quite a bit by the time this scenes was shot, which is probably quite recent because the last time I saw her, which doesn’t even feel that long ago she was doing some ‘just 18’ type work and she barely looked 18.

Still they are tiny at Tiny4K just like the name implies. I used to date a girl when I was in high school that actually looked a little like the Texas Twins but her hair was even lighter. It had the same big curls though. She was gorgeous and never would let me take her virginity. We were only 15 then though.

By the way, why not use our Tiny4K discount and save 67% off the regular membership price. That’s a pretty big saving to say the least and cuts your contribution right down to less than 10 bucks for a month.

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Ok, so the premise at this site is basically that a girl gets recorded having sex and the guy submits it for some quick cash. With that very short summation I’m sure you can figure out that this is an amateur porn site. Now, I don’t care what storyline they’re following or any of that. What matters to me, is the action and let me be the first to tell you, this site is packed full of the sexiest hardcore action I’ve ever seen. If these girls really are amateurs, well, they’re getting the education of a lifetime. Some of these girls have that raw natural talent that you know is going to take them far in the industry.

Right now viewers can take advantage of this Mofo’s discount of up to 76% off I Know That Girl and has 17 bonus sites included. I’ve never signed up for a membership before and felt like I got more perks than I do right here. Each of the sites in this network is mouthwatering delicious. Most definitely the kind of material you tell your friends about.


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If you’ve never heard of Alexis Texas then you’re about to be in for a real treat. This little lady is the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen and right now you can take advantage of this Alexis Texas 67% off discount and see what you’ve been missing out on.

This sexy babe knows just how hot she is and uses it to her full advantage. She’s used to getting her way and we love to watch. Her body is absolutely perfect. Her tits are full and perky, her body young and tight, her ass round and firm. She’s got the total package. And to top it all off, an insatiable appetite for sex. This little hussie gets turned on by making you hard. Having an audience just turns up the intensity for her and we get to reap the benefits.

Although she knows her way around a hard cock, she still enjoys a little play time with the girls too. You’ll find everything from masturbation to anal sex here and plenty more.

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As a man I think I fear accidentally sitting on a random dildo while naked much more than stepping on a Lego block. Thank goodness the odds of the former is very low but it looks like Eva here drew the short straw. Except, she seems to like it a little.

I have to tell you that I had always just been fine with knowing a dildo is a dildo and really didn’t care much about it beyond that until I had a conversation with my girlfriend about them  while ago. Seeing this one reminded me of that now and basically I just never realised what a vast array of dildo types there are. Literally millions of designs, shapes, sizes and then all kinds of cool and funky stuff in between.

You can also expect to see a variety of girls at this site but what you won’t see are ugly girls. They are all stunning.

You might also want to know that you can get up to 62% off FTV Girls with our discount.

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The step family genre is running hotter than a zombies were a few years ago in the gaming scene when it literally felt like more than one in every five games released was themed with the undead. Back then I grew tired of the zombie infestation theme quite quickly and it became annoying but the step family genre has been on fire for quite some time now and I personally feel like there is plenty of gas left in the tank.

Perhaps the difference is that in porn there are plenty of alternatives in new content and that should you feel like you are getting saturated you are not stuck without decent titles like in gaming. Porn is of course a hell of a lot easier to make than games so perhaps the comparison isn’t perfectly fair but that of course was not the point I was trying to make.

In this specific scene I am not entirely sure if there are siblings from three previous families involved but the action is off the hook that I can confirm.

Did you know there is a crazy special running at the moment and that you can get up to 72% off Step Siblings Caught by using this discount link?

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Sneaky sneaky sneaky… These little trysts sometimes aren’t so sneaky, and daddy or sister end up joining in. Sometimes, a perverted little rendezvous can slide under the radar. And yet, once in a while, an all out fuck fest will happen right under mommy’s nose. Half of the joy when you save up to 72% on My Family Pies with this discount, is the suspense.

Will her step brother just hide behind the door & jack off while he watches her friend lick her wet pussy? Or Is he going to come storming in, rock hard to join the fun? Not going to lie, I always kind of hope they get caught. I love a good step-daddy spanking though.

What about when a family vacation turns naughty? When his step mom can’t stand watching that rippling young body coming out of the water at the beach without a flood happening between her legs. Naturally, when he walks in on her getting into the shower, in an empty beach house, she doesn’t ask him to join her. Or does she?

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At I Know That Girl they claim that all the models are amateurs. As is the case with just about every other porn site that does so, I call bullshit.

When you compare a site that is legitimately dedicated to showcasing the porn work of amateurs the difference is so glaringly obvious that you will never make the mistake again. What the fake ones seem unable and unwilling to steer away from is the ‘beauty’ of the models.

Fact is, the average person is simply on average nowhere near as good looking as media portrays, not on TV, not in the movies and definitely not in the porn industry.

After all of that which must sound like a rant, be sure that it is not. If anything it is appreciated since I have very little desire to see your chunky teen sister’s pimpled ass and ‘hail damaged’ thighs.

Check out this I Know That Girl deal for 67% off instantly for juiced-up girl-next-door porn.



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A lady, well a woman might be more apt, I was chatting to at a pub the other night, mentioned this 51% off discount to Yup, I was trying to pick her up and did my best to make her horny, which I think I at least partially managed to do with the topic turning to porn for a bit. Alas, I did not manage to take her home. Perhaps I meet her there again some other time, now that the ice is broken and then I can thank her for her tip and she can have more than the tip of mine.

Turns out, she has pretty decent porn taste after I had a look and did some homework. It’s a multi site network with some class quality scenes, more than 4 thousand vids showing off the work of 1,600+ of the best pornstars on the market. In summary, it’s well worth the small membership fee.

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