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Casting porn is still one of my favourites. It’s kinda like my first love of porn, she’ll always be close to my heart 😛

Seriously though, back when I was a teenager and discovered internet porn – you, it’s a long time ago – I was absolutely convinced that casting porn was the real deal and it blew my mind. Yeah it blew other things as well of a course and often at that but I’m trying not to make corny puns so often.

This site’s a little different from the typical casting porn sites that I’ve grown accustomed to where you really just need to see a pic and you know what it’s about. You know, the girl sitting on the couch with some random guy behind a desk with a camera rolling.

Not that this isn’t casting but it just has a little bit of a different vibe and it’s quite welcomes ince the traditional method has been done to the bone.

Here’s a 50% off discount to Net Video Girls link which makes it so cheap that it’s well worth checking out what I mean.

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