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I just love this scene and especially this pic. Only in porn can you have acting or completely nonsensical scripts like this and get away with it completely because nobody cares. We’re all here for the fucking not for the narrative. It’s still worth mentioning because it is so amusing, at least to me.

Just look at the expression on that guy’s face. he could not be any more impressed with himself for getting his dick up his step sister’s twat without her noticing. Like a girl won’t notice a guy sticking his cock up her and then she’s all “hey!?” acting like she never noticed and that she’s in complete disbelief that he had done something like that while she’s lying on the bed with no pants on.

It’s that “What?” look of his though takes the cake for me. 😀

It doesn’t stay funny for long though because the scene is pretty damn hot, just like all of the vids at this site. Step sibling porn is at an all time high in popularity and you can get a 77% off discount to Step Siblings Caught here.


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